WhiskyBrother Wins 2020 Whisky Magazine Award!

WhiskyBrother is a real ally to those of us South Africans who happen to spend most of our time 8700 miles from Scotland. A truly world-class whisky retail outlet and (shockingly great) bar based in the heart of Johannesburg, with an epic selection, top-notch knowledge and the origin of the equally world-class The Only Whisky Show. They’ve become a real focal point for the whisky community at the tip of the continent.

And recently, their contribution has been recognised by the big boys. WhiskyBrother has just won Whisky Magazine’s Icons of Whisky award for “Single Outlet Retailer of the Year (Rest of the World)” – a first ever win by a South African enterprise.

Furthermore, it means that they’re officially in the running for the title of World Icon, alongside the winners of the (much bigger) whisky territories – Scotland, Ireland, America, India and Australia – an exceptional achievement that will likely give South Africa a healthy dose of attention from the global whisky community.

(Update 01/04/2020: They DID it! WhiskyBrother won Single Outlet Retailer globally. Read all about it. Piece of cake!)

Which in turn is good news for South African’s access to weird and wonderful whisky from all over the world, and a major benefit to our homegrown whisky-producing superstars – both established and upcoming.

Well done Marc, Neil and the rest of team WhiskyBrother! Knock ‘em dead.

Check out www.whiskybrother.com for a great selection of whisky from all over the world, and support independent whisky-loving retailers!

(P.S. as brilliant as you guys are, it goes without saying that moving WhiskyBrother down to Cape Town would send you into stratospheric levels of awesome. Just something to consider 😉 )

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