Whisky of the Year 2019!

Another year, another huge selection of whisky tasted, considered and compared. 2019 was a fantastic one for the Cape Whisky Club – a whole barrage of new members, a record-breaking number of events and over 58 litres of whisky consumed!

Just before New Year’s Eve I decided to start (what will hopefully become) an ongoing and expanding tradition – namely, voting for our collective favourite whisk(e)y of the year. For our inaugural award we kept it simple:

  • One vote each
  • One whisk(e)y, of any origin
  • Must have been consumed during 2019

With votes anonymously cast – and without further ado – I bring you the Cape Whisky Club’s Favourite Whisky of 2019

Kilchoman STR

Shaved, Toasted, Roasted! Kilchoman STR is an absolute knockout. Initially liberated by Hardy from clutches of our friends at The Only Whisky Show in Johannesburg, the brilliance of Kilchoman STR became something of a whispered tale going around the whisky club. On first taste it took all of about three seconds for smartphones to appear, notes to be taken, and bottles to be frantically purchased! A single night made a significant dent in the limited supply of Kilchoman STR that found its way into South Africa 🙂

Beautifully peated, rich, warming and spicy – and quite unlike anything we’d tasted before. It has a deep (but never overpowering) red wine influence, with a healthy dose of cloves, vanilla and a soft dessert sweetness. Oh, and bottled at an excellent 50% ABV. Perfect!


Bain’s 15-year-old
Andy Watt’s latest powerhouse of blending mastery and cask management brilliance, Bain’s 15 could be commonly found stuffed into the cabin luggage of many a Whisky Clubber this year. Truly lovely stuff!

Happy New Year!

I’d like to thank everyone who I had the pleasure of sharing a dram or two (or five) with this year, and to extend my sincere gratitude at your enthusiasm, cheer and sheer dedication. Here’s to a cracking 2020!

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