Code of Conduct

The Cape Whisky Club is a relaxed, welcoming group of whisky lovers from all over the Cape and beyond. There are only a few simple principles that you’ll need to keep in mind, and they’re dead easy to remember:


1. Whisky tasting, not whisky bingeing.

Above all, we’re here to appreciate and compare new and interesting whisky. The onus is on you to manage your own intake, refuse alcohol if you’ve reached your limit and to be safe and respectful. There is a zero-tolerance policy if you get aggressive, angry, touchy-feely or abusive. One strike and you’re out!


2. Drinking, not driving.

Uber is your friend. If you arrive at any of our events in a car, you’d better not be drinking… or be prepared to take a cab home. If you’re over the legal alcohol limit and decide to drive home regardless, that will be the last invitation you receive to one of our events.


3. Be kief, not kak.

Come to whisky club with an open heart and a friendly attitude. Our members come from all walks of life and from diverse backgrounds, united by a love of whisky. Let’s add to the collective pool of happiness in the world, not douchebaggery 🙂

Other than that – welcome, enjoy and cheers!