Chivas Regal XV launches in South Africa

It took a little while, but Chivas Regal XV has hit South African shores, popping up in bottle stores and decent bars everywhere.

As you might imagine, Chivas XV is a 15-year-old Scotch with ingredients blended from the Pernod stable. What will come as a surprise however is the finishing, provided in the form of a brief stint in Grande Champagne cognac casks.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, that “other” famous 15-year-old blend, Johnnie Walker Green Label. You’d be forgiven for thinking Chivas Regal XV was gunning for Walker’s much loved blended malt, with similar age statements and the same approximate price bracket. However, it’s clear they’ve set their sights on a different expression:

“Enter Chivas XV – the perfect expression for those who want to celebrate life with a truly luxurious and unique spirit that has been designed specifically with the energy of the consumption occasion in mind.”

Richard Black, Global Marketing Director at Chivas Regal

One look at the marketing makes it abundantly clear they’re going after Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve, with a surrounding tone of celebration, luxury and ease-of-drinking. “Unleash your Gold!”

This makes for quite a powerful shakeup of the category, as Chivas Regal XV can often be found sitting around the R500 mark – a full R200 off the Gold Label Reserve asking price and with a generous age statement to boot. You simply can’t buy a 15-year-old Scotch for that kind of money any more, so right out the gate Chivas XV is likely to be incredibly good value.

We have a bunch of Chivas Regal fans here at the Cape Whisky Club – as well as a few Gold Label patriots – so needless to say we’ll be giving Chivas Regal 15 a whirl soon! Cheers!