Ardbeg Day 2018

Groovy baby! It’s Ardbeg Day, a day that elicits more excitement and joyful glee from whisky fans than Christmas morning to a bunch of chocolate-addled toddlers. This year’s special edition was a retro-themed expression called Ardbeg Grooves, and as such we donned our John-Lennon sunglasses, brought out the bedazzled peace-symbol necklaces and shuffled into Cause & Effect Cocktail bar in Cape Town to get groovy.

Wow, no holding back. We smashed our way through the entire core range, starting with the venerable Ardbeg 10 (46%), a firm favourite and possibly the best entry-level peat monster ever made (prepares for argument).

Next, Ardbeg Uigeadail (54.2%) followed immediately by a hop on the Corryvreckan train (57.1%). These two expressions alone make for a world-class whisky evening.

We then delved into the newest entry in the stable, An Oa (46.6%) – the lighter, creamier, more buttery Ardbeg expression that’s likely to be a real heavy hitter at whisky competitions around the world. Excellent stuff!

Finally, this year’s Ardbeg Day special edition – Ardbeg Grooves (46%), a retro themed exploration into charred burgundy casks and nostalgia.


Thanks to Ardbeg and RGBC for hosting a totally radical Ardbeg Day, and for Cause & Effect Cocktail bar for the stellar hosting, food and good cheer!

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