Over the last 8 years the Cape Whisky Club has been The Mother City’s informal home for passionate, everyday whisky and spirits enthusiasts. We have hundreds of members in and around the City from all walks of life and levels of experience.

We’re on a mission to bust through some of the myths and misconceptions that surround our favourite drinks – and with no brand loyalties, no venue allegiances and no dogma holding us back, we’re free to go where the liquid take us!

Our whisky tastings are friendly, comfortable and accommodating. We believe all spirits – but especially Scotch whisky! – should be free from status, financial or cultural barriers.

In short, the Cape Whisky Club is a collective of die-hard liquor hounds. We do it for the sound of that cork popping after a long day, that amber liquid hitting the bottom of a fresh glass, the love of an impeccably crafted cocktail and a deep appreciation for the art, craftsmanship and history of distillation. Sláinte!