Whisky Tasting #14: Xmas!

Sherry – the taste of Christmas. And in my opinion, there’s no better way to drink sherry than to have it piggyback on some excellent Scotch whisky and served neat, in large quantities, with friends and family. As is quickly becoming our tradition, the Cape Whisky Club got together to drink through an impressive range of festive whiskies to kiss 2016 goodbye!

The Lineup

We started with a light, bourbon matured “benchmark” whisky in the shape of Loch Lomond Original (43%), the first of this distillery for everyone at the Whisky Club.

From there we got into the Christmas spirit (har har) by getting progressively more sherried, with Aberlour 12 (43%) providing an excellent gateway into Spanish casks with its double maturation.

The surprise hit of the evening: the absolutely remarkable, one-of-a-kind Three Ships 10 PX Cask Finish (46.2%). I was lucky enough to snap up a couple of bottles when they went on sale last year, and the Whisky Club was more than happy to help me demolish bottle 558 of 800. An epic show of force for South African whisky – complex, fruity and malty without being overpowered by the sherry cask. Excellent – thanks Andy!

On to the evening’s sherry monster with Glenfarclas 105, a 10-year-old cask-strength beauty bottled at a face-melting 60% ABV. Yowza.

And finally, to silence the complaints of the peat-heads among us, the much praised and universally loved Ardbeg Uigeadail (54.2%). Considered by many to be the best Scotch whisky ever produced, this masterful fusion of sherry and peat was absolutely thrashed over the course of the night. A reputation well deserved!

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