Whisky Tasting #12: World Whisky

Another BIG world whisky night at the Cape Whisky Club! This time we touched down in America, Canada, Taiwan and Japan to try some of the best each country has to offer.

The Lineup

First up, America – in particular, Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon (43.4%). A truly representative bourbon, well aged and bursting with caramel, vanilla and honey pulled from those virgin oak casks.

Further north, we put our tastebuds to work on Forty Creek Barrel Select (40%), a Canadian whiskey blending together rye, barley and corn and matured exclusively in ex-Bourbon barrels.

We then set sail for Taiwan, to see what the masters at Kavalan had in store for us: King Car Conductor (46%) was a winner, an intense, complex Scotch-style single malt showing off a variety of top quality casks.

Finally, once again, we settled in Japan for another Nikka blend. Nikka Pure Malt White was the smash hit of the evening, combining not only single malt from the Yoichi and Miyagikyo distilleries, but a fair amount of peated Scotch whisky (Caol Ila?) as well. An overall warming, earthy whisky, plenty of smoke and masterfully blended.

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